Saturday, August 20, 2011

Governor's spouses visit the Fine Arts League of the Carolina

Welcome to the Fine Arts League of the Carolinas!

Ken Richards and Anita Adams

Rebecca King, Paul Blankinship & Lily Beard serving the Governor's spouses at the Fine Arts League of the Carolinas in a special visit - Saturday, August 20th!

Today we had the pleasure of hosting an event with several of the spouses of Governor's from the Southeast at the Fine Arts League of the Carolinas. Our Presenters were Rebecca King and Michael Smith. Demonstrations were given by Mark Henry and Roger Nelson. Melissa Jacobs, Marion Vidal, Lily Beard and Paul Blankinship were in attendance representing a few of the students. Mimosas, strawberries and chocolate were served. Each spouse signed in our registry and were given a detailed brochure regarding the event and information regarding the Vadim Bora Scholarship. Ken Richards coordinated the group. It was a wonderful opportunity to have these distinguished guests in our school to hear and see why the Fine Arts League of the Carolinas is so different from any other art school one may attend in the US. To attend classes or make tax-exempt donations, please contact the school at 828.252.5050 or visit us on the web at: www.FineArtsLeague.Org for more information. Thanks to everyone who came together to make this a very pleasant experience for all and a wonderful representation of the school.

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  1. OH YEAH!!! Way to go Fine Arts League!!